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Strengthening your Website Link Structure
Link building is an important part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. The most popular search engines read (spider) a website to determine its theme. Links from relevant websites are valuable in the eyes of the search engine, which closely inspects links for determining rank. As the number of inbound relevant links increase, search engines consider the website more of an authority for its specific theme and assign higher ranking. Read our Link Enhance Overview to learn more.

Have you received an email from us?
You may have found your way to this website because you have received an email requesting a link. We found that your website contains words or phrases similar or related to our clients website theme. The email you have received is a request to consider ...
  1. ... our clients website description. If your website contains a similar or related theme, both your website and our client's will receive benefit through cross-linking.
  2. If you would like to take the next step, having us reveal our client's website URL for your inspection, simply reply to the email and state you're "okay" for us to send you this information.

If you do not want to consider a link, we would appreciate your reply. Tell us either:

  1. "I am not interested in linking to a website with this description".
  2. "I am not interested in linking at all - please do not contact me again".

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